Growing Broom Corn

Growing Broom Corn. Growing broom corn is different from other types of corn especially the type that most people are used to eating as a snack or side with dinner. Native to central africa, broom corn, sorghum vulgare, a variety of sorghum in the plant family poaceae, is a plant with a variety of uses, both functional and ornamental.

Harvesting Broom Corn - The Martha Stewart Blog
Harvesting Broom Corn – The Martha Stewart Blog from

Leave the husk on the ear to help it to continue to dry. Even more surprising, broom corn is not a corn at all but a plant related to the sorghums used for grains and syrup. Germination is poor in cool soils.

Some Farmers Feel The Best Brush Is.

Germination is poor in cool soils. The small leaves act as a foil for more showy plants. Broom corn plants are grown from seeds.

Instead It Grows Tassels At The Very Top.

Farmers harvest the broom corn based on when they feel it has the best “brush” or tassel for making brooms. Grow plants in rows three feet apart. If you don’t have a field, but wish to grow a few plants, try them in a sunny spot in your garden or around your yard.

Whisk Dwarf Is Used For Making Whisk Brooms And For The Insides Of Floor Brooms.

This corn does not have ears filled with kernels. Whisk dwarf broomcorn usually grows to a height of 2 1/2 to 4 ft and produces a fine slender brush about 12 to 18 in. Before you begin the process, be sure you have a good area to plant your broomcorn seeds.

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Directly Sow Seeds Into Your Garden, After The Last Frost, And When The Soil Has Warmed.

Broom corn is not a corn at all. Most are compact and suitable for small gardens, although the mount etna broom (genista aetnensis) reaches over 4m x 4m. Broomcorn (sorghum vulgare) is not actually corn, but is instead related to the sorghums used for grain and syrup (sorghum bicolor).

Focussing On Whisks Was Both Necessary And Liberating.

It was once grown as feed for. To ensure adequate time to reach maturity. Broomcorn has a coarse, fibrous seed head that has been used to make various types of brooms and brushes for several hundred years.

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