Genista Cytisus

Genista Cytisus. So a bit confusing here. It is most easily recognized by its vibrant, bright yellow flowers.

Genista Stenopetala - Wikipedia
Genista Stenopetala – Wikipedia from

But rhs marked it as deciduous, whilst this one is marked as evergreen on the label from the nursery. It has been introduced to california and washington state in the us. Not completely hardy in the uk.

12 Cm / 17 Cm:

The three species which we currently offer are rather different in ultimate size but they are all hardy, attractive, deciduous plants suitable for growing in full sun in a herbaceous or shrub border. This is a plant that goes by several scientific names, including genista racemosa (an illegitimate name), cytisus x spachianus, cytisus racemosus, and more! It is most easily recognized by its vibrant, bright yellow flowers.

Some Brooms Are Low Growing, While Others Have A.

So a bit confusing here. It has been in cultivation since before the middle of last century and is sometimes erroneously known as “genista fragrans” and “cytisus fragrans”, both of which names are synonymous with c. It grows well in containers.

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Genista hispanica (spanish gorse) is a dense, spiny, gorse like shrub. Sweet broom is an evergreen, and has fragrant yellow flowers in. It is native to the canary islands, but it grows as an introduced species in mainland europe, especially spain, and on other continents.

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Genista spachiana, cytisus spachianus), is a species of flowering plant in the legume family fabaceae, native to the canary islands, on la palma and tenerife. There it may have been used by the indigenous guancha people in their rituals worshiping the goddess tara. The genista plant is a rough, coarse evergreen plant that can reach a height of 6 ft.

Height To 10Ft (3M), Spread To 8Ft (2.4M) And More.

Native to the canary islands, sweet broom is an evergreen shrub. Masses of yellow flowers from spring into summer will almost cover the plant. The photographs are poor but it does have an rhs agm.

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