Broom Cytisus Scoparius

Broom Cytisus Scoparius. All parts, especially the seeds, may cause mild stomach upset if ingested. Broom is a bitter narcotic herb that depresses the respiration and regulates heart action.

Rikenmon's Nature-Guide | Broom (Cytisus Scoparius)
Rikenmon's Nature-Guide | Broom (Cytisus Scoparius) from

It acts upon the electrical conductivity of the heart, slowing and regulating the transmission of the impulses. In, the biology of australian weeds, volume 2. Eds fd panetta, rh groves and rch shepherd.

This Characteristic Enables Them To Grow Rapidly On Soils.

Scotch broom (cytisus scoparius) wisconsin department of natural resources. In a garden situation it will require pruning every year as new shoots will not grow from the old wood. Scotch broom is native to europe.

Crc For Australian Weed Management (2004) Weed Management Guide:

Identification, biology, and integrated management. Full sun is required for it to flourish, and broom does best in poor sandy soil. The young herbaceous tips of flowering shoots are cardiotonic, cathartic, diuretic, emetic and vasoconstrictor.

It Acts Upon The Electrical Conductivity Of The Heart, Slowing And Regulating The Transmission Of The Impulses.

Hosking, jr, smith, jmb and sheppard, aw (1998) cytisus scoparius (l) link ssp. Present distribution of english broom (cytisus scoparius) in victoria (nox) toggle navigation. Aphis cytisorum, which infests broom plants (cytisus scoparius), accumulates up to 0.5 mg alkaloid per gram fresh weight.

It Is Hardy To Uk Zone 5 And Is Not Frost Tender.

Buy cytisus ‘lena’ from thompson & morgan; Scoparius is an unarmed leguminous shrub, having several erect or ascendant stems which can later collapse to become prostrate where crushed by snow (hosking et al.,1998). True red blooms for spring.

Plant Database Entry For Broom (Cytisus 'Burkwoodii') With 10 Images And 26 Data Details.

Native to northern africa and parts of europe, it was first introduced to north america on the east coast and was later introduced to california as an ornamental. It is a member of the legume family, these shrubs fix nitrogen from the air. From the 1850s through the early 1900s, scotch broom was.

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