Top 5 Best Telemarketing CRM Recommendations For Business

Know The Best Telemarketing CRM For Your Business

Telemarketing CRM can help increase agent productivitycall center up to 30%. So that your agent’s KPI targets are quickly achieved with optimal quality. However, there are many telemarketing CRM providers, requiring you to consider in more detail. This is so that you really get the right CRM, according to your business needs. Therefore, in this article we will recommend the best telemarketing CRM for your business.

What are the best telemarketing CRM recommendations for business?Come on, see the discussion until it’s finished!

What Is Meant By CRM Telemarketing?

CRM telemarketing is a system that is used as a strategycustomer relationship management using a telephone line. Telemarketing CRM has a variety of features that can make it easier for your agents to carry out their work activities.

The existence of this telemarketing CRM is able to help businesses control and monitor conversation quality, level of ability, and customer service through computers that can measure, manage and monitor the performance and activities of your team.

Why is CRM Telemarketing Important for Business?

CRM telemarketing important to business because it is capableincrease call time efficiency with customers by up to 30%. Because you can automatically call customers one by one in turn with the Campaign Call feature. And,100% records incoming and outgoing calls thus making it easier for you to measure each agent’s KPI.

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What are the Benefits of Telemarketing CRM For Business?

Following are the benefits of telemarketing CRM for businesses:

1. Automatic recording

The first benefit of telemarketing CRM, namely the automatic recording. The auto record feature ensures that you can record incoming and outgoing calls. It aims at performance measurement, automatic recording allows you to know the accumulation of team performance over time and provide feedback where applicable. In case of problem solving, listening to the call recording will lead you to take the right solution.

2. Voice transcription and e-mail

The second advantage of a telemarketing CRM is that you can transcribe calls and chatsonline. For example, when a prospect contacts one of your agents via live chat. The system will automatically send them the transcript of the conversation after the chat. This feature helps for reference and quality control. On the other hand, it keeps customers in mind about your company and shows you are serious about your business. Thus, helps in customer engagement.

3. Automatic call distribution

Another benefit, namely the availability of automatic call distribution. When a call comes in, it’s possible that some of your agents are busy with other prospects. With this feature, you can route calls only to available agents.

4. Integration with IVR systems

The next benefit is the availability of the IVR feature. The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is a technology for automating inbound calls by enabling companies to interact with customers through pre-recorded voice messages with DTMF input usingkeypad. This feature ensures that calls are automatically classified based on certain adjustments.

5. Real-time and historical reporting

The last benefit, namely the existence of a reportreal time and activity history. In running a business, there may be several channels of communication that you would like to monitor and analyze. With this feature, you can get a complete performance report from your agent, from the number of calls made and received; call quality; call time and so on. You can also make data-supported decisions about which prospects need follow-up calls.

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What are the Best Telemarketing CRM Recommendations?

Below are some of the best telemarketing CRM recommendations that can be your business choice:

1. Warranty

Application providercloud CRM the best in Indonesia and the easiest to use is Barantum CRM. Barantum is a technology company providing the first cloud CRM application created by the nation’s children in Indonesia which can help increase sales and improve team performancesales as well ascustomer service.

Barantum is also one of WhatsApp’s official partners in Indonesia. As the official business service provider of WhatsApp, you can earnWhatsApp Business API through which is integrated with the Barantum CRM systemWhatsApp CRM. Thus you can have a complete business solution, increase sales, improve customer service, multi-channel communication all in 1 platform!

Various features offered:

  • Cloud Server
    Centralized data management and storage system on the internet network.
  • Extension
    The number used for identity on the system so that it can communicate with certain people or divisions)
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
    Automatic and interactive voicemail feature used to answer phone calls.
  • Queueing
    Manage customer service calls by predicting and distributing calls that will be connected to agents.
  • Click to call
    A call automation feature that integrates a customer database with a call center to make phone calls.
  • Recording
    The system used to record calls between agents and customers.
  • Campaign Call & Predictive Dialer
    Mass call automation by predicting and distributing calls received by customers to be connected to agents.
  • Spy Call, Whisper Call, Join Call
    Joining telephone conversations between agents and customers, either secretly, only known by agents, or known by agents and customers.
  • Local / GSM / Premium Number & Toll Free
    Contoh Premium Number (140 XYZ, 150 XYZ, 1500 XYZ) & Toll Free (0800 1XYZ XYZ)
  • Reporting
    Record activity and number of calls for each agent in real time.
  • Wallboard
    Monitor agent performance complete with reporting for each agent.
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2. Freshsale

The next telemarketing CRM recommendation, namely Freshsales. Freshsales is one of the best CRM application software to try for companies that want to have all the features they need in one tool.

Various features offered:

  • Ticketing
  • Collaboration
  • Automations
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Email tracking
  • Event tracking
  • sales management

3. Hubspot

Another new telemarketing CRM recommendation is HubSpot. HubSpot has a unique tracking code for each HubSpot account that is used to monitor traffic onwebsite You.

Various features offered:

  • Live Chat
  • ChatBot
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Management
  • Business reports and analysis
  • Management contact

4. AgileCRM

Furthermore, Agile CRM becomes the recommended telemarketing CRM. Agile CRM also allows you to integrate with third-party telephony applications. You can also add context-based calling scripts depending on the rules you define.

Various features offered:

  • Contact management
  • Contact and organization filters
  • Meetings management
  • Email and calendar synchronization
  • Deals management

5. Next

The last telemarketing CRM recommendation, namely Nextiva. Nextiva is a VoIP business phone system that also offers CRM features for an additional fee. In addition, this system has customer service automation with AI technology.

Various features offered:

  • Customer management
  • Automatic call routing
  • IVR
  • Call management
  • Activity management